Our vision is to promote the general welfare of the Thai people, especially those who are poor and disadvantaged, helping them to find hope and a new life through the following C.A.R.E. programs. (Children’s program, addict’s program, relational coaching, educational programs)

children's program

We want to house orphans and street children who have been neglected and abused. We will provide for their physical needs including food, shelter, and clothing. TNLF will also train these kids to respect their elders, teachers, and those in authority over them. We will provide for their schooling and help them to succeed in their academic endeavors, as well as encouraging them to develop their athletic and artistic abilities. Our goal is to help these kids become leaders who will make a positive contribution to the Kingdom of Thailand.

relational coaching

TNLF will provide relationship counseling for families having marital problems, parents seeking counsel in how to teach and raise their children, and to single mothers who are trying to take care of the needs of their children. We hope to train Suwit and Ying to hold seminars on marriage and family in various churches. We are also working on getting marriage materials translated into Thai to assist in this process.

addict's program

In the early days of Thailand New Life, part of our ministry included helping young people who were addicted to drugs and alcohol. Through the years as our ministry evolved, we found that there were other ministries in Bangkok who were better prepared to deal with these kinds of issues. We have referred addicts to these ministries and hope to continue to work with these ministries in the future.

educational programs

Through the years, we have helped establish English clubs to help facilitate the learning of English at the University, Secondary, and Primary Schools levels. With the return of the missionary families to the U.S., we do not presently have English clubs on campuses. However, the Pennington’s plan to continue making trips to Thailand bringing groups who provide short term English teaching at local schools. They also have plans to work with “Bridges to the Nations” to reach out to students who may be at risk in the villages of Thailand.