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The work of Thailand New Life Foundation started when we were impacted by the needs of children who were begging on the streets of Bangkok. These kids were becoming addicted to sniffing glue and their dad was using them to beg for money. When their father was put in jail for drug use we decided something needed to be done to help these children. We approached Suwit and Ying about becoming house parents for these kids and rented a home for them to take care of the children.

Suwit and Ying have been trained in how to raise these children to be leaders in their nation. They are being taught to respect authority and make a contribution to their community. Suwit and Ying know how to love these children and set appropriate boundaries for them. The children have chores that they do around the home that help teach them responsibility and they have regular family devotions together.

Suwit and Ying have also received training in how to have a healthy marriage and they regularly counsel young couples. We hope in the future that Suwit and Ying can continue to help promote healthy families in Thailand and also equip others to care for children who are abandoned and in need of a safe and loving home.