Ministry homes

empowering parents to care for and train up their own children

ministry homes

Through the years the Thailand New Life Home has been the focus of Thailand New Life’s ministry. Suwit and Ying have worked hard to provide encouragement and training for these precious children that God has brought into the Thailand New Life Home. The children begin their day with a devotion and prayer time before going to school each day. They participate in daily chores to learn discipline and to help with the care of the home. Suwit and Ying provide instruction and training for the children each day. One of the most important aspects of this ministry is the care and instruction the children receive in the home.

Through the years the “Thailand New Life Home” has also helped women who have been abused and deserted by their husbands to get back on their feet and receive training in how to raise their kids as a single mom. There are many abandoned wives in Thailand and we want to help provide a place for them to find healing and begin a New Life. Presently, Ying has been providing care for a young boy named Matthew whose mother asked for assistance when her husband abandoned her and her son.

We try to be prayerful about how to best help in each situation that is brought to our attention. Our desire is to empower parents to care for and train up their own children. We realize that many children do not have the advantage of loving parents who are able to meet their needs and so we want to be open to ways to assist in a way that empowers both the child and the adults in their lives to reach their full potential.