The goal of the Thailand New Life Home is to prepare the children placed in our care to reach their full potential as the people God created them to be. We attempt to do this through the following S.T.E.P.S. (SPIRITUAL, TRAINING, EDUCATION, PHYSICAL, SOCIAL)


Our first focus is to provide these children with a strong spiritual foundation. The children participate in devotionals each morning before they go to school. They also are a part of the house of prayer at their local church and attend church camps each year.


Along with providing for the children’s food, clothing and medical needs, regular exercise is encouraged as part of their daily routine. The children participate in games and sports with kids in their neighborhood. They also often jog in their neighborhood as a part of their physical fitness program.


Suwit and Ying have done an amazing job of training these children to be respectful and helpful members of their home. The children each have assigned chores that help to make the home run smoothly. They are taught to respect their teachers and elders in a way that is honoring and blesses those they come into contact with. Visitors to the home often comment on how polite and respectful these children are.


We want the children in our home to learn how to interact well with their peers and those in authority over them. The children have friends in their neighborhood and at their church youth group. They are learning how to interact with their peers in a way that is healthy and productive.


We want the children in the Thailand New Life Home to have the best education available. The children attend a private school where they are learning the core subjects along with English reading, writing, and speaking. We want these kids to have every opportunity to excel in their education so they can be prepared for the ministry God has called them to in their future careers.